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Dover Interiors and Gail Van Kleeck do not have a particular “look” and instead takes the time to listen to her clients, identifying their goals and wants, then works to help them achieve a wonderful outcome.  Gail works without a preconceived portfolio style; she believes that listening to her client’s specific needs is better for them than trying to sell her services by simply showing them photographs of other people’s homes.

She promises each of her clients that she will help them create a home that will nurture their spirit and support them in their life.  She also promises to listen, to be respectful of their budget and to teach them how to think about and implement the basic guidelines of design.

I can never thank Gail enough for helping me to put the finishing touches on my new home.  The furniture, lighting, plants and accessories we selected pulled the house together and gave it the warmth and appeal that I wanted, but could never have done myself.  I get so much pleasure looking around and seeing her touches around the house. I love the colors we chose for he walls and fabrics.  She did a great job and the best part was how much fun it was!  It was amazing how fast we clicked and how efficient we were at working through the myriad of choices.  We told her we would like a home that was both cozy and elegant and Gail succeeded in giving us both.
- Leslie Feldman, Interior Design Client, Boston, MA

Boston and Metrowest Kitchen design in Massachusetts
Gail opened my eyes to the possibilities in my home, combining the practical (what meals do you eat in this room, how do you entertain and what sort of activities take place in this space?) with the less tangible, but equally important issues of how I would like my home to feel.  She is able to work with what is already there, what is already somewhere else in the house and what exists somewhere, on any budget.  Most of all she empowered me to view my home in a whole new way, to trust my instincts and to make it an evolving expression of myself.

- Bari Prince, Interior Design Client, Natick, MA

After an extensive restoration of our historic home, we need everything and Gail made the project both manageable and fun.  She gave us the confidence to choose things that expressed our style and personality, helped us “find homes” for the things that had more sentimental than decorative value and kept us from making expensive mistakes.  Gail was our guide, our collaborator and sometimes our mediator… She also became our friend.
- Joan Lautenschleger, Interior Design Client, Brookline, MA

Senior Home Care and Retirement Transition Planning
Gail has helped us live in our homes with an ease and grace that I never thought possible. I was always buying a piece here and there and it never felt quite right.  Gail taught me to think about how we wanted our rooms to feel and what would make them function the best.  We always live in small spaces and she has helped us with urban condos as well as a country home.  She has guided us in using what we have, created storage in ingenious ways and imparted a sense of fun and delight in our homes as well as our life.

- Jane Carroll, Interior Design Client, Boston, MA

I had the pleasure of working with Gail from almost 2 years. My husband and I had differing visions on exactly what we wanted and Gail had the daunting task of merging our different visions into one cohesive plan.  Even today, I’m not quite sure how she achieved that goal, but she did!  I think it was partially her ability to be a sensitive listener as well as a good negotiator.  She had a vision of the big picture that we lacked and both my husband and I are thrilled with the results.  Gail was a great resource on everything from structural changes, paint colors, wall paper and furniture choices as well as all those little details that go into making a house a home.  Her decorating talents, creativity and positive outlook were just what we needed to get through a long and difficult renovation.

- Susan D’Augustino, Interior Design Client, Natick, MA

Senior Living and Transition Home Services
Gail’s insightful and creative approach to interior design takes the fear out of decorating ones home.  We wanted a living room we could actually use, one that was elegant, yet comfortable.  These descriptive words became the cornerstone for decorating a room that has become our favorite sanctuary.  Gail guided us blend one room into another through the use of color.  Before we met Gail, my husband and I would have been happy to paint all our walls white.  She made us realize that just walking into a beautifully decorated room can be an uplifting emotional experience.  Good interior design is not just a luxury.  It is a necessity to living a full life. 

- Janet Casey,Interior Design Client, Medfield, MA

I’m a guy who use to feel “designer challenged.”  Gail worked with me to tap into my inner designer/decorator.  She helped me clarify what turns me on visually in color and texture so I could translate that into a practical and vibrant living space.  Guests who come to my home usually remark on how cool everything feels.  I just love coming home to it each night and wrapping myself in it.  Without Gail it would never have happened.

- Andy Altanner, Interior Design Client, Massachusetts

Living Room Interior Design and Home Planning in Boston's Metworwest, MA
When we met Gail our cookie-cutter house was outdated, boring and not very functional.  Our goals were to update our house to be a unique and inviting space for our young family.  Gail listened to us and worked with us extensively to devise a more creative use of our space.  Then she guided us through all the various stages from construction, color, fabric selection and accessorizing.  The final result is a showplace with the perfect mix of function and style.  Our home has become a beautiful backdrop for a lifetime of memories with family and friends.

- Laura Mulready, Interior Design Client, Medfield, MA

Gail was a pleasure to work with as we redecorated our kitchen.  Her ideas were fresh and unique, but more important then her decorating expertise was her wonderful, unique attitude.  Although she has endless creative ideas, she listens carefully to her client’s needs and tries to meet them rather than imposing her own views.  Most of all Gail cares about people.  Her honesty, loyalty and kindness shine through in all she does.

- Patricia Foster, Interior Design Client, Medfield, MA

Working with Gail is a wonderful experience.  We initially consulted with her because my husband and I were feeling “stuck” when it came to decoration our house.  She helped us find the medium between my husband’s style and mine.  As our family grew, she took into consideration all of our needs, ages and stages.  Thanks to Gail’s creativity, talent and eye for using space we have achieved a warm and wonderful place we call home.

- Vicki Hadar, Interior Design Client, Dover, MA

Kitchen Design and Interior Space Planning with Dover Interiors, Westwood, MA
My wife and I have used Gail to assist us with paint colors, furniture, art work placement, and making our home more functional and comfortable when we bought our home in 2001.  we loved working with her!  Her spirit, listening skills, and desire to make our home a special place for our family made our first family house a real home that we enjoyed for years.  We now live in a new home that we recently bought and invited Gail back to help us with using many of our existing drapery, furniture, art work and decorative items in our new space.  Having an experienced eye and knowledge of how to pull all of our spaces together has made our move into our new home even more fun than our first.  She even took the time to make sure our kids felt like part of the experience which made it special for them too.  As an both an architect and a real estate broker, I highly recommend Gail and Dover Interiors.

- Bob Simone, Interior Design Client, Foxboro, MA

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