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How We Collaborate With You

We begin with an initial two hour consultation in your home.  Our fee for this consultation is $225.00  In these first two hours, our lead interior designer Gail Van Kleeck will:
  •     Look with you at what you already have and help you decide the best way to use it.
  •    Talk with you about how your family lives and make suggestions about the changes you might make so your home will serve you more fully
  •     Discuss alternatives and possibilities
  •     Help you to avoid costly mistakes and to create a plan you can implement over time
  •     Show you how to create a sense of connection and flow that is an essential part of a welcoming home.  

If You are Building or Remodeling

You can use this initial consultation to review your plans as early as possible in the process.  Creating a sense of connection and usefulness between your new and existing rooms is important.  Mistakes are the most expensive part of decorating and the mistakes that are possible in construction are much more costly than choosing the wrong color for your walls.  Very simple changes in a basically good architectural plan can often make the difference between a spirit-satisfying home that welcomes and serves you and a home you always wish was just a little different and more uniquely your own.

We are Interior Design and Construction Consultants

If, after the initial consultation, you decide you need more help we can set up a plan for working together.   We charge a creative fee for the time we spend with you as well as the time we spend working on your behalf.  This gives you the flexibility to use us as much or as little as you choose.

As a part of our ongoing services, we ask you to join us in drawing the floor plans for your rooms.  This will give you an opportunity to think about how you can use the furniture and area rugs you already have.  It will also give you greater clarity about what you may need to add or change over time.

We Can Also
  • Collaborate with you in choosing the colors for your walls
  • Guide you in selecting your lighting and window treatments
  • Help you determine the best furniture arrangement for your rooms
  • Work with you to arrange and place your artwork and accessories
  • Show you how to add pattern and texture to your home
  • Teach you create surroundings that will make you love coming home.

We Offer a Choice of Shopping Service
  • We can shop for you and help you conserve your valuable time
  • We can shop with you and help you make your choices with a greater sense of confidence
  • You can do your shopping yourself and send us to look at your choices before you actually make your purchase

The Most Important Part of Any Home - Is the Family Who Lives There

We act as your partner in creating surroundings that will make you love coming home.  We encourage you to think “outside-the-box” and guide  you in creating a home that nurtures your spirit, respects your budget, reflects your values, honors your relationships, celebrates your uniqueness and gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride.

We invite you to set up your initial consultation soon
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